Text Editors – Part 1 of 5

Honestly, like a said up above, you really don’t need a fancy text editor for front end development. My programming application of choice is Sublime Text. However, if you would prefer to check out your options, here are some other choices:

  • Notepad++ – a free text editor. Works in Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Coda – The nice thing about this application is it has FTP support, terminal access, reference books, and mysql. Mac only. Costs about $99.


Sarah: Now I bet all of you must be excited to do some coding!

Bee: I know we are!

Sarah: However, there are some things we're going to have to cover before we start coding.

Bee: Just like an artist need things like ink and paper to draw . . .

Sarah: ... there are some things a budding programmer needs to write code.

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