Intro to Git – Part 1 of 4

For those of you who are interested to alternative to Github, I would suggest Bitbucket. While I prefer the interface to Github over Bitbucket, Bitbucket does allow you to have free private repositories.

You’ll notice I opted to teach everyone using an application vs command line. Mostly because I feel command line can be kinda intimidating for someone just learning version control. A future comic will be covering using command line for Git. but we’ll do some coding first!

If you’re interested in learning more about Git, they do have a manual, and Code School has a fun intro course that will help you practice.

Github for Mac
Github for Windows

Here is the link to today’s code


Andy Gray

Please keep these coming. Kids in the UK now have to be taught coding from age 5 and I know that many teachers struggle with some IT concepts.
This format is great for those who find normal methods intimidating, so there is a large market for this info.


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