An Introduction – Part 2 of 2

If you’re interested in seeing the original Monster Markup Manual, you can check it out here or using the original comic link above.


Sarah: Given the 24 hour time frame I was working with, the final results didn't include all the topics I had hoped to cover.

Bee: Not to mention the lack of slep resulted in a comic that was badly in need of editing.

Sarah: So we decided to make a brand new, updated version!

Sarah: However, we soon realized there were way more topics we wanted to cover than were in the first Monster Markup Manual

* computer monitor says, "Topics to Cover: forms, css, javascript, mobile optimization, responsive grids, version control, ???" *

Bee: Thus we decided that the only way to cover these topics was to create more comics.

Sarah: Because, let's face it, comics are pretty awesome!

Bee: So get comfortable, Lesser Beings, and let's learn some code!

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