Page Two

At one point early on, I had it in my head that I would hand write out the code in the comic.

This lasted only one strip.


Bee: A basic html document starts out looking something like this - using a trimmed down version of the template found on HTML5 Boilerplate, a great resource for kickstarting your page with all the basic stuff you'll need.

Bee: Now don't worry. I know that bit up there may look like a lot, but I'll explain what each bit means.

Bee: The first bit you should be aware of is the <!DOCTYPE html> tag at the very top. This basically lets your browser know that the page it is loading is using html, so it should render it that way. That is followed by the <html> tag. When you're done with the page, you'll end the page with a </html>. The '/' lets the browser know it's reached the end of the html tag.

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