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The following comics are part of the original Monster Markup Manual I created during 24 hour comic day. It is in need of editing and further clarification/corrections of some of the rules I stated, however for posterity’s sake, I felt it was important to have the original version of this comic available.


Bee: Hi, and welcome to the Monster Markup Manual! I'm your host, Bee the Beholder! I'm here to teach all you lesser species about the wonders and joys of html!

Bee: Why?

Bee: Because I'm tired of all of you using bad HTML practices, messy markup, depreciated tags, and all that stuff. It's a serious pet peeve of mine. So we're going to fix that. Now.

Bee: By the time we're done you're going to know what html elements you should use, and you will be able to create a basic website that should pass W3C Validation (more on that later).

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